Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Definitive List of Movie-Mold Jason Replicas

See also: my definitive list of movie mold hockey masks.

Part I: Sorry, the mold is not known to survive and no replicas were made. :( Here's a few photos of the original mold and the movie appliances anyway so you can dream of what might have been.

Part II: Horror Sanctum Studios, an early pioneer in the replica business, released "Inbred" way back in 1981, reassembling the original facial appliances worn by actor Warrington Gillette in the closing scenes of Friday the 13th part 2. Only three copies are known to survive, making this an incredibly rare piece. Estimated value about $2,000.
An ad for HSS masks from the 1980's.
Two surviving "inbred" masks.
Shameless plug: My upcoming 3D prints of the Mrs. Voorhees head used in part 2 are the only exact replica of this original screen piece (or any other of Mrs. Voorhees) to exist. Valued at $500.

Part III: An FX company called MEL Inc. has evidently claimed their part 3 Jason bust descends from the part 3 movie mold, although how much (if any) of its Jason bust is actually original is anyone's guess. Nonetheless, a beautiful and incredibly rare piece. These busts are expensive and the MEL Inc. seems reluctant to make them, but if you can get your hands on one, you are a very lucky collector.
The elusive MEL Inc. Part 3

Part IV: Ryan Bean's Bloody Ending II comes straight from a movie mold stunt mask that was sold through a horror magazine ad back in the 1990's. The Bloody Ending II is currently sold as a blank for $250, cast in translucent, flesh toned resin in life size. The only movie mold part 4 replica currently on the market.
Bloody Ending II (2017)

From stunt mask to retool to resin final version

The widely coveted "Mangler" though it suffers from a bad seam and molding, among other flaws, is also a descendant of this mold, being a direct casting of the dummy that took the machete to the chest near the end of the film. (Said dummy is currently owned by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett). A few Manglers were produced by members of Tom Savini's FX team in the 1990's and sold to collectors before Savini himself sold the source dummy.
The Mangler. Man those teeth suck and it's a shrunk piece but pretty cool anyway.

Part V: It is likely that the cowl worn by Tom Morga as both Jason and Roy Burns was either the same one worn by Ted White in part 4, or a recast of that, which makes it the same mold origin as the Bloody Ending II and Mangler. No recasts of part 5 movie pieces survive, but artist Justin Mabry is known to own a casting of actor Dick Wieand's face that was used in the film. Man, a replica of this would be awesome HINT HINT.

Part VI: Horror Sanctum Studios produced a limited run of movie mold replicas from the Dan Bradley version of the undermask back in 2012. Cast directly off a movie mold piece owned by collector Billy Kirkus, the pieces are said to run a little small, but are nonetheless coveted by serious Jason collectors. HSS also produced a run of coffin dummies in 2011 from the movie dummy. Both pieces sold for $500 each.
Left: The HSS Bradley. Right: The HSS Coffin Dummy.

Part VII: The Silver Shampain Novelties "New Blood", produced back in 2009 has a face and neck that descend from a surviving cast of the original facial appliances and dentures used in the film; the rest of the head is a resculpt by one of the artists that worked on the original. This was the first Jason piece I ever bought. I think they ran about $250, and were made as wearable masks, rather than strictly display busts.
The SSN New Blood (2009)

A more recent version of this design is the incredible "museum bust" produced as a limited run of 13 by Brad Hardin in 2016. Same molds, but the teeth were recast and look much better than they did on the SSN New Blood. $900 a pop, but hot damn what a glorious piece.

Part VIII: The movie mask was sculpted by a Canadian FX team consisting of Tibor Farkas, Jamie Brown and Bill Terezakis. Farkas was known to keep copies of the face in his shop for several years, but according to his family the shop was liquidated after his death in 1999. No copies are known to survive.
Farkas with a surviving Jason face from part 8, now in a landfill somewhere in Canada.
Jason Goes to Hell: Horror Sanctum Studios produced a couple runs of another Kirkus movie mold piece in 2011. Like the other Kirkus pieces produced by HSS, these went for $500 brand new.

Jason vs. Freddy: No known movie mold replicas exist.

Jason X: A face casting is known to exist in the hands of a private collector, which would be reeeeeeeally cool for someone to cast and sell copies of.

Remake: European movie prop collector Dirk Mueller is known to possess a cold-cast bronze bust of the movie sculpt purchased directly from FX artist Scott Stoddard. Although other collectors are known to have copies, this is a very rare high end item and few exist.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pam 3D Project Update

The first five Pam 3D heads have been mounted and painting starts tomorrow. Now that I have a better idea for how long the process will take, I am planning on having the whole run of ten finished and mailed out by February 17, so a little less than a month from today.

I am officially requesting full payment from all buyers as of today. Individual buyers will be contacted over the next few days. Shipping charges will be assessed when the first five are ready to get mailed. Thanks!

Just to give you a taste for how good these are going to look, here's a gratuitous photo of the prototype with the original screen used head.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Some interesting screen grabs from the Part 3 documentary

Have never seen many of these. Check out the documentary for yourself here.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Pam 3D" Prototype Mounted

After a few weeks of trial and error, I figured out an effective mounting system for the Pam 3D project. Pictured here is the finished prototype. The first ten heads have been pulled and in a couple of weeks I'll have them successfully mounted on their stands like you see here. After that comes painting!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Black 7 Mold Up For Sale

Mario Kirner is selling his Black 7 mold on ebay. A lot of mask collectors will remember a few years back when he molded the screen used part 7 mask to make the first ever authentic part 7 masks. Those of us heating frightstuff blanks over our stoves at the time rejoiced in never having to reshape a mask again.

Since the Black 7 first came out in 2010, Josh Ludemann brought a second direct mold of the part 7 mask to the public and made some great mass produced replicas, but the discerning eye will notice Mario's mold has a few features that were scrubbed from more widely available movie mold 7's out there. So this is a great item to have for any mask maker and I hope someone pulls the hell out of these.

Find the auction here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-mold-from-RED7-and-BLACK-7-Jason-masks-Friday-The-13th-Part-7/322965312728?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mrs. Voorhees heads in progress

In case you haven't seen these on Facebook, I have the first few heads. Currently working on getting the right stands so I can get them painted as a group as efficiently as possible. Below is my urethane prototype (middle) with the movie head (right) and the first resin copy.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Own a 3D Print of the Screen Used Pam Voorhees Head

The first copy!
I am officially offering a very limited number of resin castings of a high-definition SLS 3D print of the screen-used "shrine head" seen in Friday the 13th part 2.

I acquired the movie head in November 2015 from Lloyd Albin, who owned the summer camp that Friday the 13th part 2 was filmed at back in September 1980. As Lloyd explained, the head was left in a net hanging from a tree on his property after a wrap party attended by the film's cast and crew. Lloyd kept it for 35 years, taking it out occasionally to scare his campers.
As I explain in detail in this post, both photo analysis and the chain of possession indicate there can be no doubt this is the screen used head. It was in rough shape, so I had it restored by Tom Spina Designs.
LEFT: The first 3D printed copy. RIGHT: A frame from "F13 Part 2."
I'm offering a run of 10 copies pulled in black resin, painted using the screen-used head as a reference so they will be exact reproductions. No blanks will be offered. Each piece will come with a screen-accurate wig, styled to look like the original. Price is $475 plus shipping. Check out a few side-by-side shots with the screen-used head below (click any image to enlarge):
LEFT: A painted 3D print. RIGHT: The screen-used head
The finished prototype
I expect this run to fill up pretty fast, but if there is sufficient demand, I will do a second run of 10. After that, the mold will be destroyed, and the few lucky collectors who own one will have an exceptional piece of movie history in their hands!

Note: We digitally inserted a "pipe" into the base that will be attached to an acrylic disc to serve as a stand. This can of course be removed if you prefer the "raw" version of the head.

TO ORDER: Please email me at farrelljm1122 [at] hotmail [dot] com. Or leave your name and email address in the comments section below and I will get back to you with details. If you've already expressed interest, you will be hearing from me shortly.

  • Number of available copies: 10 (may pull another 10 next year).
  • Pre-order: $100 to reserve yours.
  • Price: $475 + shipping total. Shipping will be assessed individually.
  • Material: black resin.
  • Timeframe: 8-10 weeks from time of initial payment (I have a day job!)
  • No blanks!
  • Yes, it will come with hair!
  • Will not be foam filled (makes the head too heavy to stand up on the stand)
  • All buyers will get updates via email with progress photos