Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Original Part 4 Shirt

Kira Tidmore recently did a bang up job restoring the original Jason Voorhees dummy from The Final Chapter and posted some great photos on her Facebook page.

But one thing about this piece is especially interesting: could the shirt currently worn by the dummy be the same shirt worn by Ted White throughout the film?

It is certainly possible that multiple shirts were used for the film. Being the same apparent make as the part 3 shirts, it seems likely that whatever was used in part 4 was leftover stock from part 3. The shirts themselves are different however: the shirt(s) used through part 3 had a missing left pocket flap.
While we don't know exactly what shirts were used in part 3, we can say comfortably what was used in part 4, thanks to Kelly Mark Delcambre and Kira Tidmore.

The shirt worn by the dummy is an XL Sears Perma-Prest work-leisure shirt, according to a photo of the tag Delcambre posted on his Facebook page during the restoration.
We know this shirt is screen used. But is it the same shirt worn by Ted White? Odds are pretty good that it is.
Kevin Yagher posted a behind-the-scenes shot of Ted White resting during shooting of the final scene in part 4. You can see the slash mark across his shirt is the same size, angle, and position (pointing directly at the second button) as the shirt worn by the dummy.

We also know that the shirt worn by White above did not make it to part 5. The shirt worn by Morga during his Jason scenes had a rip that was cruder and further toward the shoulder.
For continuity's sake, it was probably easiest to just take the same shirt worn by White throughout the film and stick it on dummy number one for the chest impact. This created the rip. The same shirt was later worn by White again and finally ended up in Jason's death scene on dummy number two. While this would be hard to prove, the evidence seems to suggest that it is the same shirt.

It's nice to know, after years of fan speculation (Sears vs Big Mac), what shirt was used in part 4. If you need me, I'll be on eBay looking for this exact tag on a olive green work shirt.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Some shots of my remake

This mask is a multi-year work-in-progress I started painting back in 2012. It's never quite finished but every time I sit down with it, it gets closer. It's on an ABS blank from JDF Studios, but once I finish it I want to add about a half centimeter of resin to the back to give it that heaviness that the movie masks had. I'm guessing I can add straws to the vent holes and clay up the eyes to prevent overspill. Then I'll paint up the backside and have Derek sign it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Project...

"Death has come to your little town, sheriff."
Not Jason but heyyyy gotta branch out once in a while. I've been a Myers fan since part 4 and a collector since 2009ish. I've owned a NAG Madman78 and a NHK from Nick Mulpagano (who does outstanding finish work). This is on a DIY blank by Martin Pena, which is itself a second-gen retool of an original Kirk mask.

Like a lot of Myers artists, I'm going for H1 perfection here, or as close as I can get to it with the mediocre photos that survive of the mask in its original 1978 condition. We'll see how it goes!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Dream 31 Years In the Making

It was shortly after Part 6 came out on VHS in 1987 that I caught my first glimpse of Jason Voorhees preying on camp counselors. From the moment I first saw that mask I was intrigued... and a few months later when I learned his name was the same as mine, I was a fan. 31 years, dozens of hockey masks, some latex pieces, a pilgrimage to Germany and a long-running blog later I finally got my life-long fandom memorialized in a photo with almost every living actor to don a Jason mask. What an epic moment.

The two that are missing from this photo are of course the late Richard Brooker, who I met in 2009 and 2011:
And Derek Mears, who I met in 2009:
There are of course, scores of stunt and FX personnel who played Jason: Tommy Lee Wallace, Ellen Lutter, and Carl Fullerton in part 2, Mike De Luna in part 3, Tom Savini in part 4, John Hock in part 5, Chris Swift's eye in part 6, Glenn Ennis and Doug Tate in VS... and of course Ari Lehman. Lots of people to meet, many of whom don't do conventions, but it was nice to get the major ones out of the way all at once!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Part 6 Bust For Sale By Shallow Grave FX

Josh is doing some great paint-ups of my old Aladdin Sane part 6 bust. These are for sale at his site at a very reasonable price. Have always been impressed with his command of an airbrush.

While hardly a perfect reproduction, the Aladdin Sane is easily the most accurate "C.J." style part 6 fan sculpt ever executed. Maybe that's a brag, but its also a fact. There were two sculpts done for the film, one a faceless cowl made for the first actor (Dan Bradley) and later a full-face sculpted by Brian Wade for the cemetery scene at the beginning of the film. This is the mask I was trying to replicate.

Here's a few shots of the sculpt and some of the finished pieces paired with photos of the original.

This piece has a long, complicated and somewhat painful history.

I sculpted it in 2010-2011 after the Brian Wade fiasco left a lot of collectors angry and disappointed they couldn't get a copy of the original part 6 movie bust. My (rather lofty) aim was to create the "His Unlucky Day" of part 6 pieces, since part 6 sculpts seemed to me to all have a significant degree of artistic license. I sculpted the forms obsessively over several months using transparency overlays with screenshots and other references so I could see how the entire head looked as it swiveled around.

After some texturing advice from some fantastic sculptors like Ryan Bean and James Mangrum (sculptor of His Unlucky Day), the sculpt was finished in May 2011 and I proudly blasted photos across Nightowl and Michael-Myers.net of the first finished piece a few months later.

The response was... crickets. Virtually ignored by fans and collectors. I think I sold two or three copies, and one of them was on eBay. After pulling a keeper for myself, I sold the mold in 2013 to Canadian artist and horror fan John Ubdegrove. John only pulled a couple of copies before he was in a severe car accident months later and left unable to continue his art. He did manage to create a life-size Jason with it though, and even reportedly had an offer on it from Jason actor C.J. Graham.

Shortly before he tragically passed away in August 2015, John had sold the mold to James Power of Crystal Lake Industries who briefly sold a hood version before selling the by-then somewhat damaged mold to the current owner, Josh Palmer of Shallow Grave FX last year. Josh sent me a urethane pull from the mold that I partially re-sculpted back into its original glory, and a new mold was made from that.

After 7 years of collecting dust, journeying all over Canada and back, I can't begin to describe how grateful to Josh and thrilled I am that this piece--that for so long seemed destined to never see the light of day-- is finally being produced.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Coffin Dummy

Just a quick shot with my HSS Coffin Dummy to show what it can pull off when properly lit. For anyone who doesn't know, Billy Kirkus, who owns a movie mold dummy from part 6 is planning on issuing a 3D print of his piece in resin so fans can own one that won't shrink. More info forthcoming soon...

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Charles McCullogh gets a martial arts lesson from Bruce Lee

School is IN, McCullogh!

Found this accidentally.  Pretty hilarious. Actor Peter Mark Richman (Charles McCullogh, Friday the 13th part 8) was in an episode of some old TV show back in 1971 with Bruce Lee. At around 4:45, Richman's character gets a lesson in Jeet Kune Do straight from the legend himself. Richman's character, evidently a police detective, almost seems a younger version of McCullogh: the same stiff, overbearing manner, the same condescension and authoritative bearing. Pretty hilarious to watch.

If you happen to be a martial arts fan, watch the whole thing. This is probably the closest thing most people will ever get to a martial arts lesson straight from Bruce Lee.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Definitive List of Movie-Mold Jason Replicas

See also: my definitive list of movie mold hockey masks.

Part I: Sorry, the mold is not known to survive and no replicas were made. :( Here's a few photos of the original mold and the movie appliances anyway so you can dream of what might have been (click to enlarge).

Part II: Horror Sanctum Studios, an early pioneer in the replica business, released "Inbred" way back in 1981, reassembling the original facial appliances worn by actor Warrington Gillette in the closing scenes of Friday the 13th part 2. Only three copies are known to survive, making this an incredibly rare piece. Estimated value about $2,000.
An ad for HSS masks from the 1980's.
Two surviving "inbred" masks.
Shameless plug: My upcoming 3D prints of the Mrs. Voorhees head used in part 2 are the only exact replica of this original screen piece (or any other of Mrs. Voorhees) to exist. Valued at $500.

Part III: An FX company called MEL Inc. has evidently claimed their part 3 Jason bust descends from the part 3 movie mold, although how much (if any) of its Jason bust is actually original is anyone's guess. Nonetheless, a beautiful and incredibly rare piece. These busts are expensive and the MEL Inc. seems reluctant to make them, but if you can get your hands on one, you are a very lucky collector. Est. value: $800-$1,200.
The elusive MEL Inc. Part 3

Part IV: Ryan Bean's Bloody Ending II comes straight from a movie mold stunt mask that was sold through a horror magazine ad back in the 1990's. The Bloody Ending II is currently sold as a blank for $250, cast in translucent, flesh toned resin in life size. The only movie mold part 4 replica currently on the market.
Bloody Ending II (2017)
From stunt mask to retool to resin final version

The widely coveted "Mangler" though it suffers from a bad seam and molding, among other flaws, is also a descendant of this mold, being a direct casting of the dummy that took the machete to the chest near the end of the film. (Said dummy is currently owned by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett). A few Manglers were produced by members of Tom Savini's FX team in the 1990's and sold to collectors before Savini himself sold the source dummy. Est. value: $500-$1,000.
The Mangler. Man those teeth suck and it's a shrunk piece but pretty cool anyway.

Part V: It is likely that the cowl worn by Tom Morga as both Jason and Roy Burns was either the same one worn by Ted White in part 4, or a recast of that, which makes it the same mold origin as the Bloody Ending II and Mangler. No recasts of part 5 movie pieces survive, but artist Justin Mabry is known to own a casting of actor Dick Wieand's face that was used in the film. Update: Justin has apparently hinted he's into having this face reproduced YAY.

Part VI: Horror Sanctum Studios produced a limited run of movie mold replicas from the Dan Bradley version of the undermask back in 2012. Cast directly off a movie mold piece owned by collector Billy Kirkus, the pieces are said to run a little small, but are nonetheless coveted by serious Jason collectors. HSS also produced a run of coffin dummies in 2011 from the movie dummy. Both pieces sold for $500 each.
Left: The HSS Bradley. Right: The HSS Coffin Dummy.

Part VII: The Silver Shampain Novelties "New Blood", produced back in 2009 has a face and neck that descend from a surviving cast of the original facial appliances and dentures used in the film; the rest of the head is a resculpt by one of the artists that worked on the original. This was the first Jason piece I ever bought. I think they ran about $250, and were made as wearable masks, rather than strictly display busts.
The SSN New Blood (2009)

A more recent version of this design is the incredible "museum bust" produced as a limited run of 13 by Brad Hardin in 2016. Same molds, but the teeth were recast and look much better than they did on the SSN New Blood. $900 a pop, but hot damn what a glorious piece.

Part VIII: The movie mask was sculpted by a Canadian FX team consisting of Tibor Farkas, Jamie Brown and Bill Terezakis. Farkas was known to keep copies of the face in his shop for several years, but according to his family the shop was liquidated after his death in 1999. No copies are known to survive.
Farkas with a surviving Jason face from part 8, now in a landfill somewhere in Canada.
Jason Goes to Hell: Horror Sanctum Studios produced a couple runs of another Kirkus movie mold piece in 2011. Like the other Kirkus pieces produced by HSS, these went for $500 brand new.

Jason vs. Freddy: No known movie mold replicas exist.

Jason X: Two face castings are known to exist in the hands of two private collectors, and a partial head casting from a stunt dummy also survives. One collector has expressed interest in having his face casting reproduced, so a Jason X piece may be on the way soon.

Remake: European movie prop collector Dirk Mueller is known to possess a cold-cast bronze bust of the movie sculpt purchased directly from FX artist Scott Stoddard as what was intended to be a run of 13 pieces. Only three copies are known to exist, probably because they were a whopping $2,500 a piece.

NOTE: Some replica collectors have expressed interest in recasting one of these pieces to sell to fans. Since this piece was made specifically for collectors, I do not condone and would not back a recasting of this piece without the approval of the artist. I do however STRONGLY suggest to Mr. Stoddard that he come down on his price. After all, you can't price a replica like you would a real prop!